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That moment when you find a porn with actors that highly resemble your OTP

constantly torn between wanting to just tuck aoba in with a cozy blanket and boop his nose because he is such a cute baby, and just fuck him senseless cause hot damn that aobooty got me like oh my god baby let me love you down what a babe i love him so much

i just realized Mink looks like he has a pregnancy test in his hair…


Wait a minute.. he looks familiar.. 


.. God damnit Iggy.


Clear: OUCH—! …So— so mean… I was working so hard for you, Master!

Aoba: Your idea of working hard is friggin’ weird!

Clear: But don’t they say that a man’s romantic fantasy is someone naked in an apron cooking for them? So I thought you’d like it too!

Aoba: Where did you learn that?! Anyway, go and change out of that freaking apron!

Clear: Uugh… okay…

DRAMAtical Murder Re:code OP

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Quick extract from track 5 on disc 1 of the ClearAo drama CD.

Basically Clear saw an advertisement on his way to Heibon about “Top 10 things girls wish her boyfriend would do” so….he tries to be smooth and changes the way he speaks (as you can hear him laughing obnoxiously and correcting himself from “boku” to “ore” XD ) but only ends up confusing Aoba and walks into a door…so smooth…..stop him, he’s too cute


Redone (Let’s see how many times I’ll redo)

Lyrics (Dialogue is in italic):

This… isn’t a dream, is it?

It’s not a dream.

A lonely scientist developed a robot 

The result was said to be a “miracle”

But it wasn’t yet sufficient; there was just one thing he wasn’t able to do  

And that was the program known as a “heart”

Hundreds of years pass 

Left alone  

The miracle robot wishes

I want to know, why  

Until the end of that person’s life 

He built a “heart”  

For me

 I’m back now.

Now, movement has started, the miracle is accelerating 

Why? My tears don’t stop… 

Why am I shaking? The beat is accelerating 

This is the “heart” I hoped for?

…Huh? Why… That’s odd… Why am I crying…?

Hey… Aoba-san…

Mysterious, heart, heart, mysterious 

I know; there are things to be happy about 

Mysterious, heart, heart, mysterious 

I know; there are things to grieve about 

Mysterious, heart, heart, infinite 

How deeply painful…

Now, I’ve begun to realise the reason I was born 

Being on your own is surely lonely  

Yes, that day, at that time 

All the memories dwelling in my “heart” begin to overflow

Now, I can speak true words 

I dedicate them to you

Thank you… for bringing me into this world 

Thank you… for the days we spent together 

Thank you… for everything you have given me 

Thank you… I will sing for eternity 

It’s fine. I’m happy as can be.

I won’t say that I was happy. Because I’ll always be happy from now on. So… ghh!



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Taken from Nitro+CHiRAL’s Ustream on August 29 (#36), this a clip from the “disc version” of the Jellyfish Song that Masatomo Nakazawa sings in the anime.